Angel investments and capital syndication for startups

_ providing capital for fast-growing companies worldwide
_ quick fundraising with minimal bureaucracy
_ focus on global companies with founders from CIS
About us
We are angel investors and venture syndicators with 5+ years of experience in the industry.

Our journey started in 2018 with our angel investments in deeptech projects like Evogress and HyPoint. Since then we invested in multiple startups and started venture syndication activities in 2023.

We are closely connected with the international business angel community AngelsDeck Global Ventures, which allows us quickly utilize the expertise of its members and rapidly raise capital for startups
Our advantages for startup teams
As venture syndicators, we experience greater independence from governance than traditional VC funds, enabling us to secure startup capital more rapidly and with fewer bureaucratic constraints
Quick fundraising
We are agile and not bound by the governance procedures like traditional VC funds. Such agility enables us to fundraise much faster and with less bureaucracy
Deep expertise
We work closely with AngelsDeck Global Ventures community which has 500+ members (entrepreneurs, top executives, capital managers) and has deployed $64m of angel investments. The diverse background of ADGV members allows our startups to have instant access to the widest range of industries and functional insights
Minimal interference
We do not require board presence and have no ambition to influence business strategy or tactics
Investment focus
  • Stages
    - Seed and series A
    - MRR> $60k and growing
  • Cheques
    Our sweet spot is $200k-$500k cheques
  • Geo
  • Industry
    Industry agnostic. But our particular areas of expertise lie in EdTech, Fintech and HardTech (Avia, Space, Energy)
As of March 2023, we invested in 10+ projects as angel investors or syndicators and successfully exited from 1 of them.
Fintech | Syndication
HardTech | Angel Investments
eMobility | Angel investments
 AudioTech | Angel investments
VFX | Angel investments
HardTech | Angel Investments | Exit
HardTech | Angel investments
WealthTech | Angel investments
SaaS B2B | Angel investments
FoodTech | Angel investments
LegalTech | Angel investments
FinTech | Angel investments
  • Vladimir Belkovich
    Managing Partner
    LP at AGDV, investor and Member of BoD in
    Former executive director at Nauka Group. Angel investor from 2018, in 2020 joined AGDV.
    Mountaineer, K2 and Everest climber
  • Alexander Vasilev
    10+ years in strategy consulting industry (ex Roland Berger, ex Mastercard Advisors), projects for banks and fintech sector, entrepreneur (GRP consulting), angel investor from 2021
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